Download The drawing Tool

pwd: openframeworks (very original indeed!)

Here is the code free to be used it and modified.

Here is the standalone app pack:

Any comment about the code or the project or notification if it will be used for other purposes, would be much appreciated.




The prototype has all the basic options that I planned to build.

However, after the first trials on, I think the system might need a revision in terms of usability.

At the moment the feeling is that everything is too rigid and not very focused on the voice.

I think that a touchscreen and an option with a continuous drawing might be useful.

The code has a massive margin of improvement.

At the moment there are 3 separate projects that call each other and communicate through XML and bash command.

I considered this as a training with OF so that I could get familiar with it.

For the next version I might rebuild everything from scratch, refreshing and cleaning up the code, and definitely integrating it with more classes.

Overall I am pretty happy with the result and with this first experiment with OF.


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