• Let it Brain

    Let it brain Let your mind be free from the circumstances and the situations. Develop all the rest. One after another, the thoughts become shapes and they step into reality. Everything has shape, and not shape. Acknowledge, understand, allow your feelings flowing through your art. Liberati. Set yourself free. Filter through art things that do not embrace you. Art is itself in you. Know the art inside you, know yourself. Take a white surface, draw a line, don't think about "what", release yourself. Follow the path that points you to the direction, do not to abandon it, move as you are, breathe, take breath and dive again. Nothing of what's inside you should scare you. Taste the dimensions and shapes that become, do not worry about shape neither of the content nor the meaning. Feel yourself and the environment around you. Feel yourself in the environment around you. Reduce the time between instinct and action. Give it a reason in your line.