Who am I?

Selfportrait_2My name is Antonio Daniele, I am a visual and media artist.
I am essentially a painter and a designer, in fact my main means of communication is the drawing.
I was born in Italy and I grew up between Asti, Caserta, Rome and finally Turin, a city that I can still call home.
I started as a graffiti writer when I was a kid but very soon that world wasn’t enough.
As the digital technology was rapidly growing I started moving towards electronic music, graphic design, digital photography and then video. The last one became my work for years and still is.
Parallel to my main job there was always the need to create something that wasn’t following any rules but my own imagination.
As the need became stronger I decided to move to London, in 2011, to push myself and trying to give this need more space and more life.

My focus as an artist, is on the human being and its potential: the processes behind cognition, behaviour and the perception of reality. I am interested in exploring the mode of existence of the self in relation to the “other” and to the collective. Furthermore I investigate the social and biological influence of technology on our evolution.

Among the rest I am interested in the generative art and precisely in the intersection between the computer generated art and the human generated art. The way I approach the act of creating art is compatible and analogous with the generative art. In fact it can be compared to a continuous stream of consciousness where the action and the thought become a single moment.