The VR experiment

Immersive experience - voice controlled
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This section will explore the possibilities that Virtual Reality and an immersive experience can bring to the experiment.

One of the main aim of the overall project is to facilitate the user to connect with his/her own voice.
Being totally surrounded may help the user to disconnect from the reality and to unlock the voice, mostly if that is the only tool for the user to interact with the environment.

The experience is approached as a sort of a game in which the player uses the voice to repel the objects that otherwise will crush against him.
This prototype was built to be tested with people with speech impairments or non-verbal, so that they could try to “unlock” some of the voice’s potentiality.
At the moment this is a working prototype that needs Oculus Rift and Leap Motion and could be developed as a full game.

The interactive solution takes inspiration from the everyday life. We are the target of a myriad of tiny little problems that metaphorically fall on our head, sometimes they chase us, overwhelm us and often we feel totally unable to react to them.
I think that introducing the user into a safe and alternative reality will help to stimulate a reaction.

OCULUS RIFT “SHOUT!” from letitbrain on Vimeo.



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