Ideasthesia :: synesthesia

Exploring UI and interactive systems for perception of the self
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 In this section I will post the progresses regarding a software I am writing using Openframeworks which might help the perception of the self, in particular by using the voice.

This is part of a larger project that I am working on which focuses on the instinct and intuition and how these are connected or can be ‘trained‘ through experimental workshops (art therapy)  that I am designing.

One of the final aim is ‘unlocking’ the creative potential of the user in order to improve his/her everyday life. Also of interest is exploring the possibilities for a diverse typologies of communication and how introducing a creative practice in the everyday life can affect the learning and the cognitive system.

This approach may also be integrated in therapies with people with speech impediments. In specific, this module is focused on the use of the voice as means of self expression . Therefore this program is intended as a tool for the user to interact with his/her own voice and not as a visual or interactive artifact. The visual reference will only help the user to better connect with the voice.

These examples have to be considered as a simple prototypes or sketches of what can be eventually a more sophisticated software and resources.

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