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Exterior Day Interior Night is an experimental short film that can also be used as an installation. The title is a play on words with clear references to cinema screenwriting but it can also be construed as a metaphor for a psychic state: it is dark outside but there is light inside. Having said this, I left it to the four individual words to describe this film by omitting punctuation to “free” them. Each word becomes a key word of this story. This is the story of a man who has reached rock bottom. The need to resolve his existential crisis leads him to make a radical choice. The narration, although important, is only a pretext for my personal search for the use of images and video as means of communication.

The video was shot as if I were in a jam session, i.e., each scene was improvised. It was like painting on an empty canvas without a predefined storyboard. The main task for me as director was that of tuning in with the actor by making sure he met his character. Before that, though, I had to be in sync with the observer i.e., myself, in a space and at a time that are not those of the streets of Turin in 2010. Space and time now refer to the story: a snapshot of a moment, a window on the life of a man. Thus, I somehow became an invisible actor.

Exterior Day Interior Night is therefore an experiment about my own personal approach to the use of images. I based my work on my perception of circumstances, of the here and now. I also based it on listening to space and time without filters and on my body and my senses, the way I translated this perception.

Thanks to this exercise and by always keeping in touch with the rational part that runs parallel and keeps track of the creative side, a creative flow can be achieved. This flow enables the creation of something that we, who create it, are not fully aware of, but become its spectators when it is finished.
In particular, the fundamental idea of this video was to experiment and study the actor’s body, its role and the possibilities it has within a circumscribed space.

A new life for the movie

ENIG was shown at various festivals in Italy (2010 Turin Film Festival, 2010 Piedmont Film Festival, 2012 Epizephiry Film Festival) where it was favourably received by audiences and critics. In 2013 it has been showed as installation in London at "Untouchable - Scream your autobiografy" curated by Franko B. To inject new life into this project I thought of making it available online. Therefore, in conjunction with the people who worked on the video, Francesco Lattarulo, the actor, and Paolo Spaccamonti, the composer, we have decided to make the video fully available to everyone by using the Creative Commons Licence
Therefore, the edited file, the Final Cut project file, the audio file, the original track “Cuore Vuoto” and, on request, the unedited rushes, are now freely available.
I strongly believe that the Internet should be totally free and it should be a place where anybody can draw on any resource. This project is my modest contribution to this ideal, a contribution loosely based on the Open Source philosophy.
Anyone who wants to re-interpret the video, use some of its parts, adapt the audio file or the original track, transform, implement, reduce and reach, deconstruct or destroy this work is absolutely welcome.

For practical and logistical reasons, the high definition files are available on request by filling in the relevant form. The licence is CC BY-NC-SA 3.0. Although not compulsory, communicating any usage of this material would be highly appreciated.

Enjoy the transformation.


by Antonio Daniele

direction: Antonio Daniele
screenplay: Antonio Daniele
actors: Francesco Lattarulo
camera operator: Walter Magri, Antonio Daniele
costumes: Isabella Ruggiero - “Le Strazzaecuci”
set assistant: Gabriel Joffe
editing: Antonio Daniele – Letitbrain
sound design e mix: Rodolfo Mongitore
original music: Paolo Spaccamonti – 'Cuore vuoto'
music: Paolo Spaccamonti – 'Lamento' – 'Soli tutti' from the album 'Undici pezzi facili' Bosco Rec/O.F.F. - Audioglobe
music recorded at: No.Mad Studio di Ezra Capogna
website: Let it Brain

thanks to: Margherita Daniele, Giuliana Pititu, Federico Biasin, Liliana Montegna, Lana, Piero Casella e via Ceva, Paolo Ceretto e Andrea Bocca, Sebastiano Giunta, Mauro Alovisio, MyBosswa, Bellissimo Vision, Nerdo Design Collective, Enrico Venditti.

Nationality: Italia
Year: 2010
Produced: Let it Brain –
duration: 19' 25''
screen format: Beta SP
Sub: No
Audio: stereo

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