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This work explores the possibilities of empathy as a meta-language through the most powerful physical interface which is our face. The face is a part of ourselves which is not visible to us without the use of a mirror or an external tool (photography, video, etc.). Dedicated entirely to the “other”, it becomes our window to the world and the world’s window to ourselves.

I asked 8 people to share a personal episode of their lives which they could somehow reconnect to one of the 6 basic emotions (P.Ekman) anger, fear, sadness, joy, disgust, surprise.

Everyone of them picked up a very diverse subject and I asked them to tell me that story in their original language. By doing this I am trying to disconnect the reason linked to the language, in favour of a more fluid emotional communication.

My challenge with this work is inducing in the viewer a sort of ‘identity displacement’, which reminds the phenomenon of the empathy. The more the viewer empathize with the actor the more the faces merge into a new identity which is no more the actor’s nor the viewer’s but something new.

This piece was part of the collective exhibition “Except/0n” held in September 2015 at St. James Hatcham Building In London.