About me

My name is Antonio Daniele, I am an Italian visual and media artist.

My experience cuts across art and commercial. I have been working in the digital industry for more than a decade between Italy and UK, as director and motion graphic designer, for some of the most renowned digital agencies and well known brands such as Nike, Samsung, Nokia among the others. My personal works have been shown at film and art festivals around Italy and Europe.

My focus as an artist is on the human being and the processes of cognition, behaviour and the perception of reality through enactive painting and technology. I am interested in generative art and exploring the modes of existence of the self in relation to the “other” and to the collective.

I hold a MA with merit in Computational Arts from Goldsmiths, University of London and I am interested in collaborations for art projects and particularly for ideas which involve art and technology for health.

Feel free to get in contact for more information about this.