• Experimental Suminagashi

    Study on Generative Process “Integration between the Generative and Human Generative Processes” Order is potential chaos and vice-versa. This work is part of my research on how human intervention can integrate with a generative system. It also explores the limits of human capabilities of expression as an autonomous system for generative art itself. Suminagashi Suminagashi - floating ink - technique of painting on water introduces the real generative element in the artwork. The philosophy behind this technique is very ancient and relates to Zen philosophy. By exercising with this technique you can get a sense of how subtle the equilibrium between order (the still water) and chaos (moving water) is when an external element is introduced. The graphics This is a part of a long research on the observation and study of the “flow” and the use of the “instinct” while expressing ourselves through a medium. It is something that could be called a “human generative process” involving the unconscious and instinctive side of our being. Being at the very basis of my graphic language and concept of “graphic sign”, I also adopted this approach on media such as video and painting. In fact it can probably be applied on every kind of self-expression. There is also deep interest on the meaning and use of the “error” as part of the random events in the creative process. The random variable My interest in the dynamics of randomness, led me to decide to include and enhance the “error” element in the generative process. This means that every “mistake” in the traditional procedure will be observed and possibly included in the artwork. As you can see, paper surface and ink drying process are affected by mistakes belonging to the random process. The random variable plays an important role in developing this work.