ENIG – short movie

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Exterior Day Interior Night is an experimental short film for projection or installation. The title is a play on words with clear references to cinema screenwriting but it can also be construed as a metaphor for a psychic state: it is dark outside but there is light inside. I left it to the four individual words to describe this film by omitting punctuation to “free” them. Each word becomes a key word of this story. This is the story of a man who has reached rock bottom. The need to resolve his existential crisis leads him to make a radical choice. The narration, although important, is only a pretext for my personal search for the use of images and video as means of communication.

ENIG was shown at various festivals in Italy (2010 Turin Film Festival, 2010 Piedmont Film Festival, 2012 Epizephiry Film Festival) where it was favourably received by audiences and critics. In 2013 it has been showed as installation in London at “Untouchable – Scream your autobiografy” curated by Franko B.