Samsung Galaxy 4

This is a work I made at the Framestore Design Lab. I worked in a group with 3 highly skilled developers, a producer and a designer. We had to realise an interactive system to be installed in all the major mobile shops in UK, that showed the latest devices by Samsung. The first part of my job was prototyping all the possible UI for the system, The second part was creating all the animations for the final UI and the icons, thinking about the best way of the design to move across the screen in a catchy and flawless way. The third and the last part was interfacing with the developers department to make sure that all the assets where in the right place and in the correct format.
Although the job was highly stressful with long nights and at a very high pace, I managed to deal with the pressure and I thoroughly enjoyed all the steps. In fact I think the outcome and the result of what we achieved was brilliant.

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