Stack Oversound

Stack Oversound is a prototype for an interactive memory puzzle for kids. It can be used with songs, sounds, separate tracks, storytelling and everything that can be separated and shuffled. The virtual game is made with Processing and the hardware prototype with Arduino The code is available (Processing :: Arduino) and licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0  
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Koenagashi is a reinterpretation of Suminagashi, a traditional japanese technique of paper marbling. Suminagashi – litterally floating ink – is a technique of painting on water that can be considered as an ancestor of the modern generative art. This system transforms your voice into a message for the machine to represent as movement using Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Openframeworks. With this work I want to explore the transformation of the identity through the process of the digitalisation and computation. The name Koenagashi is a reintepretation of the original name. Koe in japanese means voice and nagashi floating. In this sense it is not the ink anymore to float on water but our voice and its transformed nature. Read about the full process.
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