The work was one of the 10 winners of Re:Humanism. The exhibition happened in Rome in May 2019, at Albumarte. With the advancement in the AI field, the limits between human and artificial abilities is blurring. Most likely, in the near future, we will need to learn how to discriminate between human and artificially generated outputs. This scenario raises new questions about the human nature and the role of the arts in our current society. For instance, if on one hand the traditional automatic techniques are used to “free” the artist’s expressivity, on the other hand, technical automations may produce the opposite effect of reducing expressivity to a mechanical action. Grammar#1​​ is an interactive installation that uses methods from scientific research such as data collection and experimental setting as aesthetic language. The viewers are engaged in a Turing test game in which they are prompt to answer the question: ​”what is human?”​. Their decision will create a visual dialogue between the human and the machine, informing at the same time both the scientific research and the artistic enquiry. More in specific, the installation displays 300 automatic drawings I created using my technique called “Letitbrain”. These drawings constitute the dataset I […]
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